How to Watch UFC Live Stream on BT Sport


If you are wondering how to watch your favorite UFC fight on BT Sport, this article is the ideal guide to help you out.

UFC Event is less than a month away. Fans all over the world are looking for a way to watch the event. Fans can enjoy the event on BT Sports.

BT Sport is a UK and Ireland-based sports channel with the official rights to broadcast many sporting events, including UFC. It will provide a 4k quality stream, and it is compatible with many devices. So fans surely can rely on that to watch the event.

How to Watch UFC on BT Sport

BT Sport is the UK, and Ireland-based award-winning platform where you can watch UFC fights live online. With their premium quality service, you won’t miss any second of the event. They have an available channel where you can enjoy the UFC event. Here is how to watch UFC fight on BT Sport in simple steps:

  1. Beforehand contact your cable provider operator, and make sure which channel you’re signed up for your BT TV package.
  1. If the channel which will telecast UFC is not included in your plan, then you need to add it to your package to enjoy the event.
  1. Ensure your TV box is ready and make the most of BT Sport. You will find the UFC event on channel 494.

Watch UFC on BT Sport Website

BT Sport is a sports TV channel with the rights to cover most sporting events, including UFC. By visiting their website, you can easily watch the live coverage of UFC in 4k quality. They also offer highlights of the match, interviews, and in-depth analysis.

All you need is to purchase their 25 euro per month subscription package, sign up to your account from your browser and enjoy the event.

Watch UFC on BT Sport App

It is now possible to access BT Sport via an app as well. By allowing fans to use their preferred device to access the service, their lives have been made easier. There will be no need to set up the box. Android and iOS devices can be used with it.

In addition to the UFC live stream, the app features the latest news, interviews, and expert insights. The only thing you need to do is purchase their premium package.

Available Devices

After signing up with BT Sport, you can watch UFC PPV on your device. BT Sport is compatible with most devices. They are :

  • You can use it on PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet. Visit their website or BT Sport App.
  • You can also watch on the big screen with your Smart TVs as well. The available options are Android TV, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, Amazon Fire TV devices, Roku players, and Google Chromecast. 


BT Sport is an award-winning sports channel with many advantages, so many people are choosing BT Sport to live stream UFC PPV. One key feature is that you can customize the home page so you won’t get any spoilers before your favorite match.

This article is a guideline on how to watch your favorite UFC fight on BT Sports. Please let us know if this meets your needs.

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